About InCloud Digital & Data

The four key points

Lahore Pinned

Lahore Based

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, we are able to provide more than just professional services to medium and large corporates. Rather than giving you a formal written proposal and an invoice, we can also get our hands dirty implementing the recommended work.


Distribution & Sales

In addition to our software, we have also been appointed to distribute unique military grade Artificially Intelligent products that are not easily sourced from this part of the world. All of these brands have been tested by us and can also be supported by us.


We'll be "You"

Where we are involved in a project that goes beyond the expertise of our partner, we are very happy to join your team, present on your behalf and even carry one of your business cards. Where the sale is simple, of course we don't need to be involved at all.


In-House Support

Everything we sell, we can support without having to always refer back to the manufacturer. In the case of our own software no one else can support you better. All we require is for you to raise a ticket and for us to have remote access. We try to avoid on-site visits.