What we apply our brains to

Professional Services


Bespoke Work & Team rental

If you want a simple 5 page website, we are not the people to do it. Our expertise covers multi-tenant cloud based or on-premise solutions that are complex and sometimes involving advanced machine learning and customized E-commerce. We have a portfolio that includes advanced telephony on platforms like Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent. To complement this, we also specialize in video and image processing, real-time monitoring dashboards and advanced intranets.

Our competencies include languages, technologies and platforms like Python, .NET, PHP, Java, Microservices, JS and frameworks such as Angular, React to advanced AI using TensorFlow & ML.Net etc.


SI & Consultancy

We work with many solution providers where we provide one or more complex components of an overall project. Examples of this are safe city and similar large scale projects where we design, project manage and sell products from our products' portfolio.

More often we are called in by intermediaries to fill gaps in their expertise, in which case our job ends at a comprehensive functional document and technical specification. Occasionally we are asked to get our hands dirty and implement what we recommend. In cases like these, we would engage third party companies who both have the feet on the ground and the technical excellence to execute the work.


Advertising & Marketing

Advertising is about persuasion rather than simple communication. If you don't tap a nerve, you won't get a response. Telling someone they cant afford something maybe the only way of forcing them to buy. It is this expertise, which many designers lack that has attracted some corporate and global clients to us in order to repackage the company or sell a product.

The people involved have worked at world famous ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather and Leo Burnett and can now bring their expertise to Pakistan and the Middle East at a fraction of the price of the companies above. Why not ask to see our portfolio of clients and work?