Product Portfolio

Here is a collection of our own brands and other third party complementary products.
For more information, please use the contact us page giving details of which products and what markets you are interested in.

vRECORD New Resized

Telephone Voice Recording

Whether it's on-prem, multi-site or hosted in the cloud, our state of the art recorder will record telephone calls for any size of company using any type of trunk.

vBOARD New Resized

Call Center Wallboard

This is a product which is both browser or desktop based, that shows the performance statistics of a call center or a selection of departments.

vACD New Resized

Skills Based Call Routing

When you press 1 for a department, who gets the call? Our ACD product caters for all business scenarios from the longest waiting to the highest skilled agent.

vSupervisor Resized

Reports and Call Logging

From general telephony to agent performance the supervisor dashboard allows you to see at a glance what's happening or schedule reports regularly.

vARMS New Resized

Access Control System

Built for Asia and the Middle East, the Auto Registration and Management System can run a safe city, gated areas or anywhere where there is a barrier.

vCAM New Resized


From small business surveillance to large military installations, we have modules that cater for every situation from motion detection to facial recognition.

Mitigate New Resized


The world's most advanced risk management system employing the unique Urgency to Mitigate score ("UTM"). This allows league tables ranked in order of urgency and can tell you whether an HR risk in London is more urgent than a facilities risk in Singapore.

Migrate New Resized


In order to be SRA compliant, law firms need to keep a set of registers including a breach, an incident, a complaints, an undertakings and a risk register. The system includes a top line dashboard that allows you to look at importance, severity and urgency.


DAC6 Reporting

The purpose of DAC6 reporting is to identify to the UK/EU 27 tax authorities those cross border arrangements where the main or expected benefit is an aggressive tax advantage. This is aimed at those who give aid and advice or create vehicles.



Athena is the world’s number 1 open source web intelligence and virtual HUMINT software. It services both commercial enterprise, law enforcement and intelligence agencies with full in-depth intelligence from web forums, websites, social networks to entrap threatening forces who are exchanging information whilst planning their illegal activities.


Vulnerability Index Monitoring

All companies have cyber attacks and often they are unaware that their confidential data is being sold on the dark web by the criminals that do the hacking. This software is continually monitoring your company’s vulnerability and reporting when the index gets unacceptably high. This means that you can instantly take remedial measures to reduce your score.


Weapon Threat Detection

Using video analytics, microwave technology and magnetic metal detection, PatriotOne has three different systems to alert the Police or any of the Intelligence agencies that a person is approaching that could have a weapon concealed. By matching the shape to a weapon's library it can suggest what kind of weapon it might be. This is state of the art technology.